When producing BEACH HOUSES we placed particular emphasis on the environmentally friendly production.


• For the production of BEACH HOUSES we use a styrene-free resin. Thus, there are no chemical vapors.


• CONSTRUCTION TO GO LTD. is also the first company worldwide using a hybrid system, combining the natural product jute fiber to the enormous strengths to achieve.


• The insulation is produced in its own factory, consisting of ecologically harmless CFC and HCFC free polyurethane foam.


• Patented vacuum production requires much lower quantities of raw materials than traditional materials, combined with better strength values. CONSTRUCTION TO GO LTD. and its customers thus deal responsibly with the increasing scarcity of raw materials.


• BEACH HOUSES are built to last. There is no natural aging / degradation of the material. The structures can survive several generations and must not be replaced with new and expensive raw materials.


• BEACH HOUSES can if necessary be easily recycled. The walls are not considered hazardous waste! CONSTRUCTION TO GO LTD.  processed residual materials as raw materials for new walls. Thus the production process can be supplied as a raw material in future unneeded plates again.

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